2015 Autumn Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters of Cantata Academy Chorale,

Fifty-five years!!! This truly is an outstanding accomplishment for any choral organization and under the leadership of our talented conductor, Susan Catanese, and our hard working Board of Directors, we have seen remarkable growth and progress in our quality and reputation. We have also seen tragedy with the event of the August 2014 flood and the devastation of our choral library.  While we are the road to replacing music, rebuilding a choral library such as we possessed will take many years. We have many ways you can help with this project. Please browse our website for ideas.

Running an organization like ours takes many hands and quite a bit of financial support. Ticket sales alone are not enough to cover all our expenses. We must rent venues, pay staff, buy music, pay additional musicians, fund marketing and publicity, and print programs, postcards, brochures, posters and announcements (which entails postage!) There will also be the added expense of producing our new Christmas recording.

It is because of supporters like you that we have been able to sustain Cantata and continue in our mission for so many years.  How can you support CAC? Buy tickets of course to our many concerts, but also become a sponsor at one of the following various levels:

Applause $0-$99
Encore $100-$249
Bravo $250-$499
Bravissimo $500-$999
Standing Ovation $1000 and above

Please help us fulfill our musical mission by sending a contribution, which is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. All donor names will be recognized in each of our concert programs for the 2015-2016 concert season. As a long time singer, I want CAC to continue for years to come. Enthusiastic supporters like you will ensure that CAC continues to make a joyful sound.

Maggie Reese
President, Cantata Academy Chorale Board of Directors

P.S.  Please consider making a special contribution toward rebuilding our music library, which was destroyed in August 11, 2014 historic flooding.  We lost 53 years of collected music, keepsakes, recently produced CDs, keyboards, and equipment — well over $100,000. Our goal is to raise half this amount, which will allow us to continue to provide the quality of performances our supporters have come to enjoy and to maintain the rich tradition of the CAC for years to come.

CAC Rebuilding Fund:

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